The Difference Between an LLP and LLC

In order to transfer assets to the next generation, some people may choose to use an LLP or LLC. Both of these are legal business arrangements that can be implemented into any estate plan.  A recent article discussed the differences between the two.

An LLP, or limited liability partnership, is a general partnership. In this type of partnership, ownership of the business is split between the partners. Profits from the business are distributed based upon the percentage ownership of each owner. An LLC, or limited liability company, is a partnership wherein owners are issued shares of stock. Profits from the business are split between the owners based on their share of the stock.

The use of an LLC or LLP may be beneficial for those Americans who have estates valued above the federal estate tax exemption, are seeking asset protection, or both. This is because these devices lower the value of the entire estate by dividing ownership of the business between yourself and your children. Moreover, if you gift a portion of your LLC or LLP to a child, that gift can be discounted by 20 percent or more for purposes of the federal gift tax exemption. By giving such gifts, you increase the value of your allowed $14,000 gift by 20 percent.

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