Seven Times You Need To Meet With Your Financial Advisor and Estate Planning Attorney

There are many different changes that can happen throughout the course of your life and some of these prompts setting up a meeting with your team of financial professionals. This can include an estate planning lawyer, your financial advisor, or even your accountant.

As these changes occur, it is crucial to consult with these experts about how adaptations in your life or the bigger picture such as laws can influence your strategies for your future. If any of these describe your current situation or an upcoming issue, consider setting up a meeting now.

  • You’re preparing to retire in the next couple of years.
  • You currently manage your own investments but could benefit from the insight of an unbiased third party as you may be overlooking opportunities in your portfolio.
  • You have recently inherited money and are attempting to determine the best thing to do with it.
  • You have children and are planning for their inheritance or saving for college.
  • You’re getting divorced and want to know how this will impact your finances.
  • You want to build wealth.
  •  You are concerned about future healthcare expenses in retirement and later years.

All of these circumstances merit a consultation with your team of financial professionals to determine whether or not your existing financial plan will help you to accomplish your goals as listed. Our office is here to help guide you through these steps in your life and empower you with the information you need to make informed decisions. Working with an attorney is helpful for understanding how these smaller pieces fit into the big picture.

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