Should I convert my Term Life Insurance to Permanent Life Insurance?

The decision as to whether or not to convert from a term policy to a permanent life insurance policy is very fact-specific and dependent upon the family circumstances.

There have been circumstances where term policies were taken for a temporary reason. It may have been because children were younger, or for a business purpose such as a buy/sell policy. However, as the term marches on, or sometimes comes close to expiration, the importance of those temporary reasons varies extremely. For example, if one has a child or spouse who is dependent on the insured and their earning capacity (such as a special needs situation or a nonworking spouse), there might be a need for financial security well after the term would have expired. In this situation, it does make sense to consider a conversion. However, many circumstances must be considered. In addition to the need, the financial means to pay for the insurance is a huge factor. Will the insured or the owner have the capacity to continue paying premiums on a permanent policy, which are generally higher than a term policy. What other insurances are available? What is the health situation of the insured-they qualify for a new policy today?

It is recommended that you do not wait until the end of the term or close to the end of the term to convert a policy if you have already recognized the need for permanent insurance. The insured health circumstance is unpredictable, as it might give rise to an increased premium, or even a lack of insurability, which is a high risk to take. However, if you choose not to convert your policies, you may elect to self-insure. This usually means allocating certain savings for potential future needs. The decision of whether or not to let a term policy expire should be made proactively. It is a factor in one’s financial plan just like any other financial consideration.

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