My Child Has a Disability. What Do I Need to Consider with Estate Planning? | Monroe Township - Middlesex County
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My Child Has a Disability. What Do I Need to Consider with Estate Planning?

September 11, 2019

Filed under: Estate Planning — Laura Pennington @ 2:53 pm

As you grow older and are concerned about the future of a child with disability, the future can seem overwhelming or even daunting. Thankfully, sitting down with an experienced and knowledgeable estate planning lawyer gives you the chance to ask important questions and to articulate a plan that is aligned with your individual needs.

Start by creating a letter of intent. This is a formal letter of instruction that includes details for your friends and family members if you become unable to act due to a disability yourself or pass away.

Details about your online financial accounts and passwords in addition to any personal details that someone might need to step into your life to care for your loved one with disability should be included. This can include strategies used for calming, daily routines, medications, therapist and other important contact information.

Scheduling a consultation with an experienced estate planning lawyer will help you to understand the vision of what you want your loved one’s future to look like. It can be well worth it to sit down with a dedicated lawyer who is familiar with the specific issues of estate planning.

Putting together an estate plan with a special needs trust enables you to distribute property and funds in a way that does not interrupt or completely block the government funding that your loved might rely on for support. It is important to consider all the various aspects of planning ahead for your loved one’s future and enabling someone else to step in and take quick action if need be.       

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