How Many Years Has it Been Since You Updated Your Estate Plan?

Was the last time you took a look at your estate plan when your kids were born? Perhaps when you got your first mortgage and began to accumulate the assets which would ultimately become a part of your estate.

By now, though, those children may be adults. If it’s been quite some time, those children may even have children of their own. It’s especially important to update your comprehensive estate plan if the only document inside yours presently is a basic will. 

As life evolves, your estate plan may get more complex. You may need to determine different strategies to help with your overall goals and as your intended beneficiaries change. Often, it’s these older documents from decades ago that may raise questions about validity in court.

Estate planning doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead, you can benefit from an annual meeting with your estate planning lawyer to walk through whether your plans are still helping you meet your intended goals. Your lawyer can help you evaluate current plans and suggest new strategies for accomplishing your wishes.

Set up a meeting today to learn more about why you need to update your plan and to ensure that you have something that works for you for years to come.

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