What’s an Asset Protection Trust?

The asset protection planning trust is still a relatively new tool for those interested in guarding against risk. In the late 1990’s, Delaware enacted legislation that allows for transferring in assets to a trust that is classified as a qualified deposition rather than a fraudulent transfer, and for this reason more individual than ever are interested in learning about Delaware asset protection trusts. The trust has to be irrevocable and the trustee must be involved in the administration of said trust in order for this document to be legally valid. New Jersey asset protection planning

Furthermore, the trust must be governed by Delaware law and the trust must include a spendthrift clause. Usually, a trust like this will name a settlor as a beneficiary of the trust, but it’s recommended that you also name discretionary beneficiaries, too. This allows the settlor to have more flexibility as time goes on in the event that the settlor may want to enact distributions to loved ones, for example.

Establishing a Delaware asset protection trust on its own is not enough to shield you from a potential lawsuit. An asset protection trust can be attacked by a creditor in certain situations. Usually, a successful threat to your APT depends on situations in which the settlor has moved the majority of his or her assets into the trust, circumstances where the settlor was aware of pending litigation issues, or any fraudulent transfers. The best way to protect yourself from a situation like this is to consult with an experienced asset protection planning attorney both as you set up the trust and as you discuss the life of the trust, too. It’s just as important to manage a tool like this properly so as to avoid future problems.

Do you have questions about asset protection trusts? Are you concerned about shielding your assets from creditors? If so, set up a meeting with an experienced New Jersey estate planning attorney. Contact our office at info@lawesq.net to set up a meeting today.




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