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Two Strategies for Medicaid Planning

August 21, 2013

Filed under: Asset Protection Planning,Medicaid,Nursing Homes — Neel Shah @ 9:00 am

Many individuals who require a nursing home stay at the end of their life deplete their assets in order to pay for the care. As a recent article explains, when people fail to protect their assets, it is because they failed to plan properly. The article urges readers to take steps towards Medicaid planning while they are still young and healthy.

One way to protect your assets is to exchange non-exempt assets for exempt ones. When determining whether you are eligible for Medicaid benefits, Medicaid representatives include all of your countable assets, those not exempted by State law, or that are otherwise inaccessible to Medicaid. Exempt assets vary from state to state, but typically include the family home, burial plots, one automobile, and term life insurance. Check with your state for an exact list of exempt assets.

Many people do not realize that Medicaid will count one’s spouse’s assets as well when determining Medicaid eligibility. If your spouse is still healthy, consider purchasing an appropriate single premium annuity benefit for them. This will provide your spouse with an additional income stream, while keeping the cost out of the countable assets for you, as well as your spouse.

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