How To Take on The Hard Conversations with Family Members About Estate Planning

Are you worried about whether or not your parents have thought through and set up their estate plan? If not, you may be concerned that you and your siblings will be left to deal with probate on your own.

A big reason why many people put off the process of planning their estate is because they are concerned that they don’t need one. However, having an estate plan is an important way to help support your loved ones, and you can greatly reduce their confusion and frustration after you pass away by undertaking these important steps. It’s not always or ever an easy conversation to discuss end of life planning, or what happens after you pass away.

There is a great concern that talking about death will upset your spouse and family, and although it is true that this can be an uncomfortable conversation to start, knowing a loved one or parent’s wishes about everything from medical care they do and don’t want to receive to potential funeral plans can be reassuring. It can give family members a sense of relief to understand what to expect and what important decisions they should take on behalf of their loved ones.

This is also a good opportunity to discuss your individual legacy, such as the values you want to pass down to your other family members. This can be a much easier way to broach the subject of estate planning and to encourage your loved ones to undertake their estate planning as well.

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