How To Make Better Finances More Than Just a Resolution

Approaching the new year gives people plenty of opportunities to set resolutions for the 12 months ahead, but a great financial plan and ongoing financial strategy to support your personal goals and your estate plan is about more than a one-time commitment. It’s an ongoing area of focus.

Designate January as a month that you sit down and review your financial goals and your progress towards them each year. This will help you map out smaller goals to take across the course of the year and to adjust your strategy as necessary.

If you haven’t met with your estate planning lawyer in some time, pull out those documents. Are there any changes you need to make or things that no longer align with your personal plans and goals?

Set aside a monthly meeting with yourself to review finances and to make adjustments. This could include things like budgeting, paying down credit cards, paying all of your bills at once, increasing your retirement contributions or meeting with your financial planner. Having regular engagement with your financial and estate plan can make it much more likely that you will achieve your personal goals. This will give you more peace of mind overall and can help you move more closely towards the process of thinking long term about your financial strategies.

Our estate planning office can help you create or update your custom plan to cover all your needs and give you peace of mind about the future. Contact us today for further information and to get started with the process.

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