For What Reasons Should I Revoke My Trust?

A revocable living trust enables the creator to make changes to that trust at any point in time prior to their death. This includes revoking the trust entirely, meaning that it becomes obsolete.

There are any different number of reasons why a person may wish to revoke a trust but the most common reasons for making this change include updates in their life. For example, a divorce might prompt someone to dissolve a trust that was previously created as a joint document with a soon-to-be former spouse.

If the changes to be made to a revocable living trust are so extensive in nature that it might simply be easier to dissolve the trust entirely and to start fresh, the creator of the trust has the ability to do this. The first step in dissolving your revocable trust is to remove all of the assets that have been put inside it. This includes changing deeds, titles, and any other legal documents to reflect ownership of the asset from the trust back to the grantor of the trust or the original owner.

It is strongly recommended that when making any changes to a revocable living trust, including the dissolution of the trust completely, that you schedule a consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable estate planning lawyer.


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