What is a Charitable Lead Trust?

There are many different kinds of trusts and you might use one or more to accomplish the goals in your estate plan. Because trusts can be complicated and minor mistakes can prove very problematic in the administration of the trust, you should use the support of an estate planning attorney to create yours.

You can create tax savings without giving up the assets that you want your family to receive some day by using a charitable lead trust and a cause you care about. A charitable lead annuity trust pays a certain amount to the philanthropic organization or foundation of your choice and is most attractive when interest rates are low. A charitable lead unitrust, on the other hand, pays a variable amount each year based on the total valuation of the assets inside the trust.

With a unitrust, if the assets inside the trust increase in value, the payments made to your chosen organization go up too. You can fund your donation in a charitable lead trust using real estate, appreciated securities, closely held stock or cash. You’ll want to consult with your legal and financial advisor before deciding to move forward with a charitable lead trust. It is very important that all of the details are carefully evaluated and structured to leverage maximum achievement of your goals.

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