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“Funding” your Plan: Asset Alignment

January 24, 2020

Filed under: Estate Planning — Raymund Rasco @ 4:41 pm

You’ve signed your Estate Planning Documents, CONGRATULATIONS!!! BUT…  

  • Signed Documents 
  • Estate Plan Constructed 
  • Pat on Back ✔ 

Why the BUT??? Because there is one more important item left to be checked off on your list: Asset Alignment.

Let’s explore an analogy of purchasing a home. You have furniture but, all your furniture is on your front lawn. Are you finished? No. You have to move your furniture into your home. Well, it’s the same with creating an estate plan and not ‘moving’ your assets into the plan. 

Aligning your assets into your estate plan is an essential step that is often abandoned. Whether it’s changing the title on your account or changing beneficiaries, it’s important to complete the process by aligning the assets and optimizing your plan. Let us guide you in moving your ‘furniture into your home’ and check off Asset Alignment on your list.

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