New Study Explores Best States for Nursing Home Care

Whether you’re researching the option for a loved one or considering your own needs with nursing home care, it’s an important decision that factors in critical details about each facility. This includes how many staff members are in place at any given time, whether or not the facility has been cited for any issues, and the number of residents who don’t improve their health outcomes after a stay there.

Finding the right nursing home requires careful evaluation

These and other factors were recently included in a study completed by Smart Asset to help find where most of the best nursing homes in the country were located. The study identified that financial and lifestyle decisions were important in selecting a nursing home and found that there was good care, in general, throughout the Midwest and the South. Four of the top 11 states included in the study were Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

The study also identified that nursing home is very expensive, a fact not surprising to any loved ones who have been shopping this option for family. Even in the least expensive states identified in the study, nursing care could cost over $50,000 per year. And given how few people have enough money set aside to pay for this, such a hit could be catastrophic for a couple or individual’s finances.

If you’re in the process of looking for a nursing home for an elderly loved one but are concerned about the cost or about qualifying for Medicaid, it’s time to speak with a dedicated lawyer about your options. The support of an experienced elder law lawyer can put your mind at ease about the Medicaid application process and you can also discuss other critical issues such as whether or not your loved one has appropriate estate planning documents like powers of attorney already created.

There’s a lot to think about with long-term care, but the process can be demystified with an elder law attorney who knows the landscape and the options.

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