Three Long Term Care Myths

With the rising cost of healthcare and all data showing that many people will need some form of LTC in their older ages, it’s costly to assume that any of the three myths listed below are true. Yet plenty of people are under the impression they don’t need an LTC plan or Medicaid planning, giving them limited options when they or a loved one needs to enter a nursing home suddenly.

Myth #1: Medicaid or Medicare Will Cover Me

Medicare does not cover the vast majority of expenses needed for LTC. And Medicaid requires completing a careful application process. Overlooking the need to plan outside of this can be a big mistake or can require Medicaid crisis planning that doesn’t allow you to exercise all your options.

Myth #2: I’m Covered by Other Insurance

Don’t expect that your HMO or disability insurance will kick in to cover most of your long-term care expenses. This leaves you with little to no coverage at all, and those LTC bills can rack up quickly. It’s important to realize that in order to protect your personal assets and savings, you need something outside of existing disability or health insurance coverage.

Myth #3: Only the Elderly Need It

Did you know that a good portion of people who exercise the benefits in a long term care insurance policy are those who aren’t even close to retirement age? Even a serious car accident could leave a young person in need of LTC support or a nursing home stay. Ignoring the potential for an accident or disabling condition in younger years could be catastrophic.

If you want to work through possible planning options, a good time to speak with your estate planning attorney can be set up now. A lawyer can help explain to you some of the long-term plans you can put into place to help protect you should the need for LTC arise.

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