Is Asset Protection Planning Only for Avoiding Paying Taxes?

Too many people are under the impression that asset protection planning is only relevant for the very rich who want to downsize their tax bill. The truth is that every family benefits from asset protection because this is a legal method of arranging your assets in a manner to protect them from future attacks like those from creditors or predators.

When done early, asset protection planning can be a firm shield against challenges and problems. Asset protection planning can also help with other aspects of your estate plan.

Benefits of asset protection planning extend far beyond the tax advantages and can include benefits from Medicaid planning, protecting money from adult children who may be irresponsible and need additional structure and control for the money flow, planning for a child with special needs, and protecting money from your own future creditors.

Far too many people who overlook all of these different aspects of asset protection planning could expose themselves and their loved ones to unnecessary risks that could have been prevented with a little bit of planning structured by an experienced and knowledgeable estate planning lawyer.

If you are new to the concept of asset protection planning and are not sure how this fits into your overall estate planning picture, schedule a consultation today to sit down with a lawyer and discuss some of the ways that your assets could be threatened.     

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