Did You Do Your Part for April’s Financial Literacy Month?

According to Schwab’s 2017 Modern Wealth Survey, plenty of people are simply uncomfortable talking about their finances with their family and friends. However, if any of these people play an important role such as personal representative, executor, trustee or beneficiary in your own estate plan, it could be a big mistake to skip out on these important topics.

According to the study, nearly 60% of Americans would rather discuss politics with their friends and family than finances. Starting the conversation about money with your entire family could help to lay the ground work in the event that any of them play a role in your financial future.

Many children report wishing after their parents have passed away that they would have known more about their parents’ intended estate plans so that they could effectively honor the loved one’s wishes or understand the decision process that got their family member to that point.

But many people skip over the process of talking about financial matters, keeping beneficiaries and other key stakeholders in the dark. As retirement planning and estate planning become more immediate financial concerns as you get older, it could be beneficial to discuss your estate planning options and plans with your loved ones, family and friends. Talking with your estate planning attorney can help to get this conversation going and assist you with understanding some of the best ways to approach this topic.         

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