New Study Shows a Connection Between Retirement, Savings and Mental Health

Looking down the road to retirement? You’ve probably considered a broad range of issues, including what you’ve saved so far, what you might need for health care, and how you intend to live during retirement. plan for retirement and your estate together

There’s no doubt that you are thinking ahead about your retirement planning goals when wanting to plan for your future. There are key factors that contribute to your mental health status and a new study has identified that your retirement savings and other issues can affect how you feel about your life in general.

Some of the other elements that factor into the overall perception of how your future is perceived include longer lifespans, the greater reliance on defiant contribution pension plans and the questionable state of social security. Many different households including people who are aging inside are dealing with mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. Medicare Research Institute, in a study that was published in Health Economics, identified that psychological distress was linked to a 47% higher likelihood of a married couple withdrawing money from their retirement account.

And it was also connected to married couples having approximately $42,000 left in retirement savings accounts. Key factors that influence this can all have an impact on a person’s overall psychological makeup. Thinking ahead about your retirement and how it works in conjunction with your intentions for your estate planning, is an important component of planning for your future.

Your retirement plan should look at your long-term goals and it should also be something you think about years in advance. When you’re getting close to retirement, it also makes sense to schedule a meeting with an estate planning attorney to talk about your needs as a whole.

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