Have You Planned for Your Digital Afterlife Yet?

Most people are aware of the major benefits of putting together a will to encompass their estate plans. However, have you thought about what might happen to your digital accounts? It could be devastating to your family, for example, if you have not put together a plan to pass on access information to your Facebook accounts or to your online photo libraries.


If your family is unable to access these materials, it could cause additional confusion and stress during a time when they are already grieving your loss. This could be even more amplified for someone who manages a business email account but has not shared the password or given any way for someone else to gain access in the event of an accident.


Many people do not anticipate problems such as a heart attack, stroke or another incident that could render you incapacitated or lead to fatal injuries. It is a good idea to name a data executor in your will who will have permission to access your account in the event that something happens to you. Furthermore, take advantage of the legacy planning options afforded by sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google that empower someone else to be able to access your accounts if something were to happen to you.
This is an excellent policy to put in place in order to protect yourself and to give your loved ones some peace of mind in the event that they need or want to access this information after you pass away.

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