Tax Planning Tips for Giving to Charity in Order to Make the Most with Your Gift

If you’re thinking about giving some of your assets to charity and want to use the estate planning process to do so, you are not alone. Many individuals, regardless of their net worth, understand the value of giving back.

Charitable giving benefits go well beyond planning for taxes. This is also a way to support your personal beliefs and values and to ensure your legacy. Although no two individuals are the same and you should certainly consult directly with an estate planning attorney about your options, you need to realize that you do have some flexibility with what to give. Giving a check no matter how big the check is might not actually be the best way to assist you or the charity.

From the perspective of taxes, the type of asset or property you give could have different consequences. You could be limited in the amount of cash you can actually gift to a charity while still getting a tax break. Sometimes people will choose to instead give appreciated public securities. Consulting with a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer in your state is the best way to determine how to translate your unique wishes and desires.

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