Why You Should Plan for Your Pets

The estate planning process can be as complex or as simple as you need, but one fact remains: make sure you don’t overlook something. Missing a planning opportunity can create many problems down the road, including those for your pets.

One of the aspects of estate planning often covered is that doing comprehensive planning protects your loved ones because you minimize confusion and help your beneficiaries get access to their assets quickly. However, your will and basic estate planning does not cover your pets unless you specifically share your intention to do this with your estate planning lawyer.

A pet trust is one of the most effective ways to address the needs of your pets. In addition to sharing your intentions with your lawyer and talking with anyone who you would like to step in and care for your pets if something happens to you, a pet trust can financially provide for the needs of your fur children. While no one expects to suddenly suffer from a disability or to be killed in an accident, this situation can be traumatic enough as is for your pets. Ensuring that you have a plan in place to have them provided for is important; it can help to minimize the challenges they experience after something happens to you.

A pet trust is even more important for an older pet or a pet with existing health concerns. Setting aside the time and money to address these needs is critical for your pet’s future. Reach out to a New Jersey estate planning lawyer today to talk options.

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