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Business Succession Planning Can Support Your Employees, Too

August 29, 2016

Filed under: Business Succession Planning — Neel Shah @ 9:15 am

There are many different reasons to approach the subject of business succession planning. It gives you greater peace of mind and clarity about the future and can make things easier for family members who may need to become involved after you depart the business suddenly. Unfortunately, however, business succession planning is essential for your employees as well.

If staff members do not feel as though they are being valued in the company or being prepared to take on a bigger role when the transition time comes, they may begin to look for other opportunities. This can be a critical sign that business succession planning is necessary. A continuity plan is valuable for clients but also for employee motivation and retention. Effective business succession planning is about a multi-pronged approach.

Hiring loyal and talented employees from the outset can be essential, but an entrepreneur is responsible for treating these employees right and making them feel a valued member of the team. They should also be included in training and incentive programs that help to support their growth to higher and higher roles. If an employee feels as though there is no growth opportunity, then they may consider searching out other employment options. This can be devastating when a business owner who must suddenly depart the business has a choice only of inexperienced employees currently on the payroll because older and more experienced employees have chosen to depart due to lack of appreciation. If you are ready to initiate the succession planning process, reach out to a New Jersey business succession planning attorney today.


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