Key Ways to Help an Elderly Loved One Avoid Loneliness

Unfortunately, many seniors who live alone or do not have the opportunity to leave their home on a regular basis may suffer from loneliness.shutterstock_222234442

With a rising number of seniors living alone, isolation is a key concern for family members and those providing care. What follows are five tips to help your loved one stay active and feel included:

  1. Give the elder a small garden or a pet. While pets offer endless love and joy, plants are also a good way for your loved one to feel as though he or she has something to do every day. A small outdoor or indoor garden to care for including a bird feeder can help give a lot of joy for a shut-in.
  2. Make transportation easily accessible. Once a senior is no longer able to drive, it’s a good idea to consider options.
  3. Schedule regular visits with friends and family. Having a schedule in addition to loved ones stopping in regularly will help your elderly loved one to have a more fulfilling life.
  4. Get assistance from a professional caregiver. If your elderly loved one is no longer able to complete basic daily living tasks, there are healthcare providers who assist seniors with daily tasks as well as social interaction.
  5. Find social clubs or activity groups. This is very important for seniors who do live alone. Look for activity groups that meet on a regular basis and plan ahead for transportation.

Following these tips can help make your loved one’s life easier and minimize your own concerns about your loved one feeling isolated.

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