Questions to Ask When Evaluating an Elder Care Facility

Your walkthrough of an elder care facility is important for determining if it’s the right place for your elderly loved one.


You should also ask several important questions like:

  • Are there wheel chair ramps?
  • Is there an exercise or activity room?
  • Are there any unpleasant odors?
  • Are there outdoor areas where residents can walk or sit?
  • Is smoking allowed?
  • Are all facilities air-conditioned?
  • Do rooms have windows?
  • Are married couples allowed to share a room?
  • Are wheelchair ramps easily accessible?
  • Are the grounds well maintained?
  • Are there curtains or screens for privacy in rooms with more than one resident?
  • Are the rooms kept at a comfortable temperature?
  • Can residents adjust the temperature of their own rooms?
  • Are residents allowed to bring their own furniture?
  • Are there ample storage, rooms or spaces?
  • Is there an evacuation plan posted?
  • What kind of medical supervision is offered?
  • Are there any personal or beauty services offered?
  • How do residents and staff interact?
  • Are there any language barriers between residents and staff?
  • How often are social activities scheduled?
  • Are fire exits clearly marked?
  • Is the food well-presented and appetizing?
  • Is the down payment refundable if the resident passes away or moves?
  • What responsibilities do family members have in assisting with payment obligations?

If you are thinking about moving your elderly loved one into a care facility. It is a good idea to consult with an elder law attorney to answer questions about how this will be financed and to address any concerns associated with Medicaid.

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