How to Emotionally Support a Loved One Who Has Just Been Diagnosed with Dementia

Getting a diagnosis of Alzheimers is never easy as it can significantly change your life as well as the life of the individual who has been diagnosed. A wide range of emotions can impact all family members in this situation. Some of the emotions you might experience could be denial, relief, anger, fear, isolation, or even a sense of loss.shutterstock_256665616

It is important to support a loved one with his or her emotional needs shortly after a diagnosis. An individual coping with dementia will be having significant emotional difficulties on his or her own, and you need to remember that some of the words or behavior expressed towards you during this time are not necessarily indicative of your loved one’s true feelings for you. Your loved one may be experiencing his or her own challenges and you may receive the brunt of his or her anger and frustration.

It is important to remain calm and recognize when the situation warrants help from an outsider such as a caregiver or a nursing home. While it is never easy to go through a process of discovering that your loved one has dementia, you can do a lot for the individual diagnosed as well as yourself by understanding when to get help. An experienced elder law planning attorney can help you consider the various options and documents that should be in place to help protect your loved one.

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