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Tips for Protecting Your Assets as You Age: Three Keys

December 31, 2015

Filed under: Asset Protection Planning — Neel Shah @ 9:15 am

The effects of aging, if not properly prepared for, can rob a person of their assets and rob heirs of their inheritance.shutterstock_108963875

According to recent research conducted by the University Of Kentucky College of Human Environmental Services found that 40% of people do not even think about retirement.

The first key to protecting your assets is getting a power of attorney to grant as much or as little decision making power to a trusted person.

The second key is gifting. A great example is giving your home while arranging to live in it for life, as it is no longer your asset and cannot actually be taken for expenses in some scenarios.

The third key is to use long-term care insurance to allow you to decide what care and when should take place. Having an attorney who can walk you through these steps is extremely helpful after you have done some thinking about it on your own. If you have questions about the process of protecting your assets and the steps that you can take now, contact a New Jersey asset protection planning attorney sooner rather than later.

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