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Creating an Elder Abuse Profile Can Trigger Prevention

December 29, 2015

Filed under: Estate Planning — Neel Shah @ 9:15 am

With persons over 50 possessing 70% of the wealth in the majority of families across the United States, family members and predators alike may attempt activities equal to abuse. Key signs to look for in order to prevent abuse in these situations include a sudden appearance of a new best friend, utility disconnect notices or unpaid bills, unusual bank activity with no supporting statements or strange signatures on checks. If you notice these issues, make sure to document it and set aside a time to research it further. shutterstock_65403874

There are many reasons that outside predators and family may engage in elder abuse as it relates to finances. Family reasons for abuse include addictions, financial troubles and a sense of entitlement that assets will pass to them at any rate, or fear that disability and illness could deplete an estate.

Outside predators may operate through becoming caregivers in order to get access, contacting individuals alone through the study of death notices or overcharging for dubious services. Being aware of some of these common scams could help to protect your loved ones from falling victim.  Need help planning for elderly care or have estate planning questions? Contact

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