What You Can Learn About Asset Protection Planning from the Ocean?


Much like offshore assets, the Caribbean reef squid is a master of disguise. Its skin composition allow it to blend into surroundings and in a sense to disappear. Assets should behave not as the tall reed in the ocean that attracts attention but instead rather be left to mature and grow sturdy.shutterstock_212413390

This should be your general approach with asset protection planning under the guidance of an experienced attorney. Misdirection and a sturdy structure can be found in LLC’s family foundations and trusts.

All of these can add a layer of protection making it more difficult for an outsider to understand who is who and who owns what, and thus leading some creditors to move on from trying to figure out the answers. Finally, placing assets not in cash but instead in collectibles or medals can make for allusive targets. Contact an asset protection planning attorney today if you would like to learn more.

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