Estate Planning Details You Might Have Forgotten

Even if you have the basics covered through a will or other documents, make sure you don’t forget some of the other key aspects of estate planning. If something happens to you, it’s overwhelming and frustrating for loved ones to say the least. Read on to learn more about some of the other aspects you should consider. shutterstock_156563393

Paying Bills

Are you the one who pays the bills in your house? Your spouse might not even be aware of when the bills are due or how they are to be paid. Make sure to keep a folder of this information so that it can be easily found if something happens to you- a ledger that keeps track of the most recent payments you made is helpful, too.

Copies of Documents

If you already have a will, you probably expect that your spouse will find it. Just in case, however, try to leave a copy of the document with other parties like an accountant or an attorney. This way your spouse can find these critical documents just in case they cannot find the copy you left at home.

Lists of Income, Assets, and Liabilities

If, as mentioned above, you are the one who handles most of the finances, your spouse might not have a complete picture of your financial situation. Try to provide an overview document, stored with the information about paying the bills, so that he or she can visit with a financial planner, accountant, or estate planning attorney to figure things out if something happens to you.

In the wake of grief, your loved one probably already has enough on his or her plate. Planning ahead can make things much easier. Need help thinking through the details? Contact us at


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