Could This Unconventional Estate Planning Tip Help You?

We’ve long shared on this blog that estate planning is about more than having the proper paperwork in place. While it is definitely vital to have the right paperwork prepared for your passing, it is just as important to consider the people who will be involved in that process as well. That’s why this unconventional estate planning tip is to take the paperwork one step further and make sure someone knows what to do with it.shutterstock_279906161

Many of the important people in your life are likely to be uncomfortable talking about the subject of death, but at a minimum these individuals must know where to find the documents outlining your plan. There is little value to that paperwork if no one knows where to locate it.

There is a fine line you need to walk between providing people the right information and giving them too much. Perhaps it does not make sense to put your spouse under the stress of maintaining all these documents- in that case, find a trusted estate planner and give them instructions about what details need to be provided to that spouse in the event of your passing.  When leaving details for your spouse, include a business card for the estate planning attorney so your spouse remembers who to contact.



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