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Living Longer is the New Paradigm of Estate Planning

September 4, 2015

Filed under: Estate Planning — Neel Shah @ 9:15 am

It’s no surprise that people are living longer, partly due to advances in medical technology. What many people do not realize is how this translates over to their planning for retirement and end of life care. Funds that might have lasted through a typical retirement and lifespan in the past no longer provide the comprehensive services that might be required for long-term care. Old

In the last 60 years, life expectancy has increased by approximately ten years. Now, a 65 year old can be expected to live until 85. The biggest risk faced by this longer lifespan is in outliving your resources. This calls for retirement planning and estate planning to work together.

Stocks and bonds, in combination with retirement plans, are likely to form the cornerstone of your planning. Other vehicles, too, should be incorporated into the broader spectrum. This includes insurance and gifting, which can work together to cut down on long-term care costs or make qualification for Medicaid easier.

Discuss these options with your estate planning specialist while keeping in mind the potential impact of drawdown of assets from health-related issues, taxes, and inflation. The key to success in this arena has to do with flexibility and early discussion.

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