Estate Planning Tips: Transfers to Make Today

It is expected that the IRS will shortly announce changes to the transfer of corporate shares, limited liability corporation interests, and limited partnership interests to family members. In 1990, rulings pronounced the elimination of discounting the valued of such transferred assets, but it looks like these benefits could be in jeopardy entirely. shutterstock_247781833

The courts have allowed these options to continue on the grounds that something transferred on the basis of market value would always carry less overall value than an asset being held outside the possibility of being purchased.

This September, however, the goal may be to eliminate any discounts at all. If this potentially impacts you, or you have had this on your to-do list for some time, it is now a good time to contact your estate planning specialist to determine if you should move forward with any such transfers. Getting expert advice about changing rules and regulations is always recommended when it comes to your asset protection planning or your estate planning. Contact us at

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