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Business Planning/Taxes;Revocable Living Trusts;Dying w/o Will;Elder Law Attorney;Power of Attorney

March 26, 2015

Filed under: Estate Planning — Neel Shah @ 1:59 pm

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Structuring Your Business Succession Plan With Taxes In Mind
If you feel overwhelmed or confused by the process of business succession planning, you’re not alone. In fact, this is a common challenge facing many of America’s business owners. To further complicate matters, many business owners are not informed about the possible tax implications of a succession plan they choose..For More Details

Revocable Living Trusts – What You Must Know
Before determining that a revocable living trust is the right fit for you, you should evaluate several factors. The term “living trust” may be exchanged with “revocable trust”. This means that you create it during your lifetime and that you can change it during your lifetime as well. The living trust, when used properly, can help you manage assets or protect you in the event that you become ill or disabled. For more details

What Happens if I Die Without a Will?
If you die without a will, the laws of the state in which you lived will determine what happens to the assets inside your estate. Typically, the distribution will be passed along to your spouse and any children, although this can vary based on your location. One of the downsides of not having a will is that you give up control over what can happen to your estate assets. For More Details

Why Would I Need an Elder Law Attorney?
Elder law refers to a practice that is devoted to the needs of older clients. Elder law attorneys have specialized knowledge about long-term care planning, advance health care directives, powers of attorney, probate and trusts, guardianships, and asset protection. While many elder law clients turn to an attorney in the midst of an elder care planning crisis, you might also reach out to an attorney with experience in this field so that you can plan ahead. For More Details

Power of Attorney Planning – Get the Fast Facts
One of the most important parts of your lifetime estate planning has to do with a power of attorney. This document gives one or more individuals the authority to act on your behalf as your official “agent”. You can give this individual narrow power or you can give them broad discretion over acting in your capacity. For More Details

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