Put It In Inc.: Using Corporate Formation to Shield Assets

Without the proper protection, a single claim against a person’s business can cause financial ruin for the owner. Importantly, a person’s business extends to more activities than you may think. If you have a partnership, small business, or even a hobby that earns you money, consider following the asset protection strategies offered in this recent article.

First, if you have a partnership, consider incorporating it. As the article explains, “business partnerships are ticking time bombs.” This is because a partnership is akin to a joint account, in that actions taken independently by your partner may affect you as well.

If your partner faces a personal liability lawsuit, the plaintiff could seek to collect against all of your assets as well. Conversely, the owners and managers of other business forms such as LLCs and corporations do not face personal liability for claims against the entity or each other.

Similarly, if you have a small business, hobby, or part time job for which you are self-employed, consider incorporating that as well. Again, the incorporation will shield the business assets from claims against you personally. It will also shield you personally from claims made against your business.

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