Consumers and Financial Advisors Want More Specialized Services

When it comes to planning ahead for your retirement and thinking about your estate plan, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are both general and specific questions that must be answered from a planning perspective.

Taking charge of your finances means addressing issues not just now, but thinking about the best ways to protect your interests now and in the future. Working with outside professionals to establish a plan and to stay in touch as your financial needs change is key. Most people seeking out financial professionals now are looking for more specialized help to ask the right questions and evaluate all the possible strategies and tools that cover their main concerns.

A recent study identified that financial advisors and consumers are on the same page about the need for more specialized services, especially as it relates to the possibility of planning for retirement income. In fact, consumers say that this is the most important service they seek from a financial advisor.

With over 71% of independent advisors currently wanting to advance their own specialized knowledge in light of the growing number of retirees, consumers are also seeking information at the same time. The survey found that consumers want guidance with retirement planning more than any other area, especially when it comes to how much they can safely spend in retirement. Improving the performance of their investments is also a top priority.

When you need to hire someone to help you with tax minimization, asset protection, and other financial strategies, seek out a team that has the right experience and commitment to get you there.

Looking ahead to the future and considering all of your potential risks is extremely important when you find yourself in the position of planning ahead for retirement. It is crucial to identify an experienced estate planning lawyer and any other financial professionals who may help you to accomplish your goals.

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