Is Now the Right Time for Investment Management?

There are many reasons that you might want to hire a professional investment manager. Perhaps you’ve handled things on your own up until now or you’re working with another company but are looking for a transition. Knowing when is the right time to partner with someone else can help you make this decision more confidently.

Most people end up with a collection of investment accounts over their working years, and the next challenge then becomes figuring out what you do with all those accounts and how to best align each one for future benefits. Investment management is crucial for streamlining your financial life by bringing together all of your different accounts into one place so that you can see how they impact one another.

Moving all those accounts into one place, however, is only the first step. If you’re not feeling confident about making your own investment decisions, if you want someone else to have tabs on your portfolio and step in to rebalance things where necessary, or if you’re dealing with complex issues like retirement planning for your income, tax concerns, or an inheritance, it’s beneficial to have that outside influence of an investment manager.

But one of the biggest reasons that people finally reach out for investment management help is because there’s been a big event in their life that has caused them to step back and reevaluate their plans. A major change in income or having a child are big reasons, because these often prompt you to consider new goals or, with a higher income, potential risks or tax issues.

Having someone else with a fresh perspective to assist you during these change periods in your life affords you peace of mind that no matter what you’re facing, you have the right strategy to pivot and adapt.

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