In Which States Do People Pay the Highest Estate Taxes?

Estate taxes don’t apply for the vast majority of estates in the United States, however, there are 17 locations with their own inheritance and estate taxes. A report from the Internal Revenue Service reveals tax data from the year 2020 showing that over 1200 taxpayers ended up owing estate taxes to the tune of $9.3 billion after state death tax deductions and allowable deductions.

Verifying that you have a taxable estate should prompt you to contact an experienced and knowledgeable estate planning lawyer. There are many different strategies that you can use to minimize your estate planning and tax obligations at the time that you pass away, but it does require advance work with the support of an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer.

New Jersey came in at number 11 on the top 15 list with 92 people who had gross estates of over $2 billion total and a net estate tax of $142.8 million. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of estate planning strategies, schedule a consultation with a lawyer now.

With many possible changes on the horizon with federal estate tax rules and limits, you’ll want to be in touch with a legal team who can keep you informed about these issues and help you navigate many any required changes to your plan. With so many aspects to think about, a lawyer’s insight can help cut through some of the confusion and allow you to create a custom plan for your family’s needs.


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