Most Americans Today Have an Estate Plan That Is Outdated; is Yours?

When is the last time you really sat down and reviewed your estate plan? It’s probably been awhile. If anything has changed in your life since the last time you made this plan, now is a great time to review. Whether you’ve adopted, had grandchildren, had a change in marital status, or simply accumulated more possessions, you need a plan.

Most people have not updated their estate plan recently and may not have even considered some of the important questions about what would happen to them, their medical care, their children or their property if something happens to them. If you are unable to make decisions at a future point in time, you may need those estate planning documents to be in place for your family members to make important and quick decisions.

Many people get overwhelmed by estate planning or assume they don’t need it and these are big mistakes that could block you from getting the important benefits of the estate planning process. It’s a good idea to instead consult with a knowledgeable lawyer to discuss the opportunities available with estate planning. You can start by writing down what is most important to you and if you have any specific requests around what you want to happen to certain pieces of property.

Likewise, if you and your spouse can agree on who would be responsible for taking care of your minor children, it is vital to document this in at least a basic will. The support of a lawyer can go a long way for answering many of your most common questions and helping you to understand the next steps available to you. If you haven’t updated your plans in several years, it is now the perfect opportunity to schedule a consultation. If you’ve never created a plan at all, there is no time like the present. Reach out to a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer today to learn more.


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