New Study Shows Women Made Significant Changes to Their Planning Post Pandemic

The pandemic has had far reaching implications for many individuals and families and that has never been more true than now as it relates to the case for women. Women face a higher likelihood of a greater life expectancy than men, meaning that issues of long-term care, health care costs, and how to afford a lengthy retirement are all top of mind. 

A recent study of estate planning attorneys found that many women visited their offices to make changes to their estate plans across 2020 and 2021. In fact, nearly 90% of estate planning lawyers said that female clients had experienced significant financial repercussions due to the global pandemic. This included leaving the workforce, taking a pay cut or losing their jobs entirely.

Prolonged life expectancy became the number one estate planning issue for women and men alike in 2020 and estate planning attorneys reported that many of their female clients visited their offices to make changes to their estate plan. I

n fact, nearly 90% of estate planning lawyers who participated in a recent TD Wealth survey said that they made changes to their female clients’ estate plans, including updating wills, creating post mortem letters, updating letter of attorney documents and changing beneficiary or guardian designations. If it’s been a while since you’ve sat down with your experienced estate planning lawyer to talk through your options, schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer today.

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