A Plan for an Intentional Retirement

Those approaching retirement today and looking forward to it in the next couple of years have likely navigated their entire life with a sense of purpose, and exiting the work market full time doesn’t mean you give up this purpose. A recent survey of retirees found that 55% of them said that retirement was viewed by them as a new chapter in their life.

That same study identified that over 95% of retirees felt that it was important to continue growing and learning at every age. In order to accomplish retirement goals and continue driving forward with a sense of purpose you need to be financially prepared.

Asking yourself some of the tough questions and engaging the right team of professionals can help you navigate this new process. This includes asking yourself questions, such as:

  • Will I still be able to retire at the age that I intended to?
  • How will retiring at different ages impact my Social Security benefits?
  • Will I need to prioritize some of my goals because I don’t have the security that I anticipated as I get closer to retirement?
  • How will I incorporate estate planning intentions into my existing financial strategy and retirement options?
  • What role, if any, does philanthropy and charity play in my overall financial strategy?

It can be very rewarding to approach and live through your retirement purposefully but it is hard to do it alone. Having the support of a dedicated team of estate planning professionals and financial experts can help provide important questions and insight as you navigate this process.

Our NJ estate planning law office is here to help you no matter what questions you have on the process.


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