Do Teenagers Need Estate Plans?

An estate plan is something that most people think about as they near retirement or after they bring on a mortgage or have children. However, an estate plan can even benefit teenagers because turning 18 and heading off to the college means that that child is technically classified as an adult under the eyes of the law. Particularly true in light of social media and digital estate planning, Gen Xers and Millennials lead their lives online. teens can use estate planning, too

This means that a parent or another individual may need to know how to preserve the pictures or any writing that that person may have done on social media accounts. Answers to security questions in addition to passwords must be properly seared with an appointed individual. If a young adult does not feel comfortable sharing all of this information with a parent, such details can be given to an attorney who does the necessary estate planning with the condition that the materials associated with the security questions can be open upon death.

Powers of attorney and directives should also be drafted by someone who has reached age 18 because the issues surrounding sudden incapacitation or disability can affect anyone. Schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer today to learn more about protecting your interests.

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