How to Find Retirement Volunteer Opportunities

Many individuals approaching retirement have spent many years saving for this opportunity and have adjusted their estate planning documents to reflect their retirement goals. However, the transition from the working world to retirement can be a difficult one as far as making use of all of your time.

Spending more time with children and grandchildren is a huge benefit of being retired, but you may also find that you wish to give back to your community. Thankfully, there are many different ways that you can give back to your community by considering some important questions about volunteering. More than 62 million Americans volunteered a median of 52 hours in 2010, according to research gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So, if you are hoping to volunteer, you are not alone. That number increases to a high of 96 hours for volunteers aged 65 and over. There are several key things you need to consider when approaching volunteering in retirement. These include:

  •    Seeking out a volunteer job you are good at. Whether you have empathy for others or have specific experience or skills uniquely suited to the position, make sure that you have identified a volunteer opportunity specifically in line with what you need.
  •    Ask yourself why you are actually volunteering. There are many different motivations for signing up for a volunteer opportunity, but ensure that you and the organization you choose to partner with are clear about yours.
  •    Will the need required match your commitment? Make sure that the hours per week required, the duration of the work and the intensity of the work is suitable with the time and energy that you are able to give to the position. Asking colleagues and friends in your community is a great way to get started with the volunteer process.


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