Quick Tips for Better Health Decisions

Using a healthcare power of attorney might seem emotionally exhausting when compared with a financial power of attorney, but it’s still a critically important document you must consider in your overall planning. Make sure that you carefully consider all the impacts of drafting a power of attorney and what events would trigger someone else making healthcare decisions for you.

One option is known as the springing power of attorney, which outlines the exact scenarios where someone else making such decisions could be triggered. This requires knowing your own thoughts and wishes when it comes to planning ahead, but these decisions should be made with care.

Keep a copy of any power of attorney you create on hand for hospital visits and ensure that a patient in serious condition is not left alone. If you are a loved one for someone who has serious medical needs, he or he may need assistance from family or other caregivers.

It is also prudent to keep track of a pad of paper to record medications, contact details for physicians, and any dietary restrictions. This can help keep the power appointed with the healthcare power of attorney “in the know” about the patient’s needs and desires.

It’s no small decision to select someone to play a potentially important role in your life. Walk through the basics of your power of attorney with an experienced estate planning attorney. Contact us at info@lawesq.net.

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