Inquiring Minds (Like Me!) Want to Know: Who Feuded Over National Enquirer Fortune?

The founder of the National Enquirer tabloid magazine, Generoso Pope, died in 1989. His two beneficiaries were his wife, Lois Pope, and his son, Paul Pope. Years later, Lois and Paul are again in court over Generoso’s multi-million dollar estate.

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When the National Enquirer was initially sold, Lois received $200 million, and Paul received $20 million. Lois recently filed court documents claiming that her son has been harassing, stalking, and threatening her because he wants more of her inheritance.

According to court documents, Lois once gave her son $8 million and bought him a yacht. After that, the two have been involved in nonstop litigation. Paul has most recently demanded another $875,000 from his mother. Neither attorney has commented on the case.

Lois claims that, when she refused to pay her son, he spread public rumors about her through a gossip columnist. Included in these rumors, Paul claimed that Lois planned to kidnap one of his children. Lois countered that Paul asked Lois to kidnap one of his children so that he could get the kidnap insurance. Paul also maintains that Lois throws lavish parties to the tune of $1 million, and that she owns a private jet to transport her 18 dogs.

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