Hoteliers & Moteliers: What Security Challenges Do Today’s Hotel Owners Face?

Hotel owners face a broad array of challenges when it comes to mitigating risks. Whether you’re a single motel or part of a chain, you need to be concerned with protecting and maintaining assets. You’ll need to be concerned with physical, human, and intangible assets.

Hoteliers & Moteliers What Security Challenges Do Todays Hotel Owners Face
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Some of the major concerns that hotel owners are faced with include sabotage, natural disaster, injury, criminal activities, terrorism, and fire. On a more common basis, you might be concerned with injuries and claims or injuries on hotel property, or the theft of services or merchandise.

There’s no doubt that as a hotel owner, you frequently feel pulled in many different directions to deal with immediate problems and trying to prepare for the future. One of the best ways to reduce your risks is to consider whether a captive insurance company can help you with some of your concerns in the long run. Policies for a captive insurance company contain many of the same provisions as typical commercial insurance contracts but they go above and beyond by reinsuring your particular risk needs.

As an added benefit, maintaining control over that captive company may even give you investment control over assets for that company. If you’ve got risks that cannot be covered under the typical umbrella of a commercial insurance contract, you’ve got to look elsewhere. A captive insurance company may alleviate your concerns, protect your assets, and allow you to build a long-term plan. Email us at or call 732-521-9455 to begin.

Hotel Executive May Face Liability in Best Western Deaths

Damon Mallatere, president of Appalachian Hospitality Management, is in hot water after three hotel guests died of carbon monoxide poisoning. As a recent article explains, the business executive was recently indicted on charges of involuntary manslaughter.

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Although investigators determined that the deaths were the result of several factors, Mallatere is the only person who has been charged. The deaths occurred when carbon monoxide from the hotel’s swimming pool rose out of a corroded exhaust pipe and into a hotel room. The first two deaths occurred in April and the third occurred in June.

Although it is uncommon for business executives to face criminal charges for injuries and deaths that occur on business property, this case should serve as a warning to all business men and women that accidents can happen, and they may be held responsible.

Competent performance is only the first line of defense against potential liability incurred through a business. Not only can competent performance reduce mistakes, but it lessens the likelihood that a businessperson will be held responsible for accidents. For those accidents that cannot be avoided or defended against, asset protection is a vital back-up plan. If individuals like Mallatere do not have asset protection plans in place, their personal property and belongings may be at risk.

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