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Retirement Planning & IRA Planning

What does Retirement mean to you? For many, it means transitioning from living a life of what you “have to do” to a life of what you “get to do.” Others may call it a work- optional lifestyle. Having a secure and enjoyable retirement requires advanced planning to ensure you don’t spend your golden years worrying about money or having to go back to work. Starting your retirement planning as early as possible is essential, and making smart choices with how you invest can make saving easier.

Shah & Associates P.C. and Neel Shah have offered assistance and advice to clients who are making plans for retirement savings & retirement income. We provide help at all phases of retirement planning, from opening your first accounts to knowing how much to withdraw to make your money last when you have retired. Call or email us find out about the personalized assistance we can offer you and to get answers to important questions including:

  • What is involved in retirement planning?
  • Should you use an IRA to invest for retirement?
  • Should you use a Roth IRA, a Traditional IRA, a 401(k) or something else?
  • How has the SECURE Act of 2019 changed Retirement Planning?

Shah and Associates, P.C., has the experience and expertise to offer the finest Asset Protection services available. We will work with you to assess your risks and create a personalized plan to protect your assets. Whether your holdings are great or modest, we have the tools necessary to help you keep what is yours, so that you and your family can enjoy some peace of mind in times of uncertainty.

What is Involved in Retirement Planning?

The process of retirement planning involves determining what you need saved for a comfortable retirement, finding ways to meet your savings goal, and taking out money in an appropriate way as a senior so you do not go through your money too quickly.

Shah & Associates, P.C. along with our sister companies, Beacon Wealth Solutions LLC and Shah Total Planning LLC help you to set your financial goals, based on what you are currently earning, what you likely will spend during retirement, and what returns you hope to achieve. And of course doing in a way that optimized your tax situation. We also provide assistance in selecting investment accounts that keep your nest egg safe and that help make it easier for you to save enough.

Everyone, no matter how much they make, should be able to live comfortably during retirement. To do this, you need to make a plan, make use of the tax advantages available from certain accounts, and ensure your assets are kept safe. You may need help as a retiree to understand rules for withdrawing money and to make your nest egg last. We can help with this.


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