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Estate Administration & Probate Lawyer in
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The death of a family member can be an emotionally exhausting and tumultuous time. For those who are called on in this difficult time to oversee the distribution of the estate, the process can be overwhelming. Without clear direction, the assets of the estate may be improperly accounted for, expenses may be overlooked, and there may be confusion or disputes over which beneficiaries are entitled to specific assets.

To help navigate the complexities of the probate system, Shah and Associates, P.C. offers knowledgeable and experienced counsel to you and your family. We will work with you to determine the accurate value of the estate, resolve any outstanding debts and expenses, and distribute the estate to the proper beneficiaries. Additionally, we can guide you through the process of preparing your own will, so that your family will not be burdened with extra difficulties when the time comes.

Our office is ready to help you through the probate process, and will work to ensure that your family’s estate is handled smoothly, efficiently, and respectfully. We can assist you with:

  • Interpreting the terms of the will
  • The administration of any trusts
  • The exploration of Estate Tax Reduction / Minimization Strategies
  • Identifying all property and assets of the estate and facilitating the distribution of the same
  • Identifying and locating beneficiaries of the decedent
  • Disposition of any real estate and business interests of the estate
  • Filing of numerous Estate and Inheritance Tax Forms
  • Representing the interests of the beneficiaries, trusts and the estate
  • Navigating the legal process in situations where the owner of the estate died without a properly executed will

It is important to note that the person charged with administering a trust can be held personally liable if the mandates of the trust are not carried out to the letter. If you have been named as a trustee of an estate, or are considering serving as trustee, do not take the decision lightly. We can explain the responsibilities to you, and if you decide to serve as trustee, guide you through the entire process.

We invite you to contact our office to set up an initial consultation to discuss your specific probate or trust administration needs, as well as our fees and services. We understand that this can be a daunting process at a difficult time, and we are here to make that process as easy as possible for you and your family.


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