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Medicaid Nursing Homes

Medicaid Assistance for Nursing Homes

Nursing Home Care & Medicaid

Although no one plans to end up in a nursing home, approximately over 70% of Americans over the age of 65 will require long-term care services at some point.   The average cost of nursing home care in New Jersey is approximately $10,000 a month. Many people believe their Medicare plan will cover their nursing home stay but unfortunately, Medicare will cover only the first 20 days of the stay in full.  Alternatively, private pay can leave a family financially devastated within just a few years. The good news for many people is that Medicaid will pay for nursing home care. As a joint state and federal program, New Jersey has specific laws regarding this matter. To qualify for Medicaid, you must be both financially eligible and medically eligible.

Clients Who Are Planning Ahead

With effective proactive planning, the Elder Law Center at Shah & Associates, P.C. can offer you a customized solution to help you manage your resources so that you can financially qualify for Medicaid in the future in the event you do require long-term care one day.  Most families want to know that their hard-earned assets will be preserved in the future for their spouse, children and grandchildren. By planning ahead with an Elder Law attorney, you can ensure that the possibility of a nursing home stay will not leave your family in financial ruins.  We can show you how to protect your assets while preserving choices for yourself so you decide what happens with your finances if the unexpected were to occur.


Clients Who Are Planning In A Crisis

Oftentimes, families find themselves in a situation where planning ahead isn’t an option anymore.  Circumstances can change quickly for an aging family member and a hospital stay can unexpectedly turn into a long-term nursing home admittance.  Many families are not financially nor emotionally prepared for such news.  A consultation with the team at the Elder Law Center at Shah & Associates, P.C. can provide you with some peace of mind that there are still avenues available to you.  Even if you have not planned ahead, an Elder Law attorney can talk to you and your family about your options to help your loved one qualify for Medicaid in such a crisis. We will be there for you through the whole process, and with our compassionate and diligent team on your side, we hope to make this time a little easier on you.

Everyone’s situation is different so regardless of what stage of life you or a family member are in, contact the Elder Law Center at Shah & Associates, P.C. for a consultation so we can walk you through a personalized solution to protect your family and to help you retain control over your future.


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