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Financing Transactions

At Shah & Associates, we use our strong track record in financing transactions, to provide a full range of services to clients in the numerous industries. We advise venture capitalists, private lenders, institutional lenders, and private equity funds in all unsecured and secured financing transactions.

Our team is confident in negotiating commercial loan applications linked with a variety of commercial lending structures, including:

  • Cross-border loans
  • Domestic loans
  • Debtor-in-possession financings
  • Asset-based lending transactions
  • Single and multiple borrower facilities
  • Participated and syndicated facilities

For our corporate clients, we provide guidance in lease financing transactions for equipment or other capital equipment. In lease financing, we focus on finance leases, synthetic leasing, leveraged leases, and true leases. We are proud to serve private developers, commercial lenders, contractors, and multilateral development banks.


  • Commercial lending transactions
  • Leasing transactions
  • Public offerings of debt securities
  • Private offerings of debt securities
  • Restructuring transactions
  • Unsecured financing transactions
  • Secured financial transactions

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Gift Trusts for Family Members

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Private Foundations

Sale to Grantor Trust

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