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Elder Law in New Jersey

Elder Law is a broad term that is defined by the people we serve: the aging, the elderly, or those who could face health care issues in the future.  An Elder Law attorney can assist you with a broad spectrum of tools such as: estate planning, special needs planning, guardianships, Medicaid planning, Veterans benefits and more.  Even if you are years away from considering yourself elderly, we still work with many individuals and families as they plan ahead so they are not left unprepared in a time of crisis.

Are you concerned about what would happen to your affairs should you become unable to manage them? In the event that you are incapacitated and no longer able to handle financial affairs or business transactions, you can assign the power of attorney to an individual you trust. The person who has been assigned the power of attorney will be able to assist you in managing various affairs of yours. If you have questions or concerns about your situation and how working with an Elder Law attorney can benefit your case, do not hesitate to consult the Elder Law Center at Shah & Associates, P.C. right away and speak with our experienced legal staff.

In order to ensure that your wishes and affairs are carried out in the event of mental incapacity or a coma, you will need to make the power of attorney durable. Establishing someone to act on your behalf can help provide you with peace of mind knowing that certain financial and legal affairs will be completed according to your desires. Individuals who have been granted general or special power of attorney can assist you with transferring titles of vehicles or land, managing stock and business contracts and handling bank accounts and savings. Depending on the type of power that is granted, they may even be able to handle legal claims against you. If you have questions or concerns about this situation, do not hesitate to contact Shah & Associates, P.C. right away.

Trusted Legal Counsel

Are you ready to move forward with your case? It is important that you immediately retain the representation of an experienced legal counselor. At Shah & Associates, P.C., you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. We have vast experience in handling a variety of cases and we may be able to help you as well. The Elder Law Center at Shah & Associates, P.C. offers case evaluations, flat rate fees whenever possible and an effective team approach to each unique case. If you have questions or concerns regarding your situation, complete our case evaluation form to speak with a New Jersey Elder Law Attorney as soon as possible.


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