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A New Jersey Family’s Guide To Long-Term Care Planning

Book 1

As our clients begin to seek information regarding elder law, we generally point them towards our books which are free to the public. The first book offered is called “A New Jersey Family’s Guide to Long-Term Care Planning”. It describes key ways to pay for long-term care, facts about qualifying for Medicaid, and powerful planning strategies available to protect your assets from healthcare costs.

My Loved One Needs A Nursing Home: What Now?

Book 2

The second book “My Loved One Needs a Nursing Home: What Now?” addresses planning for families who are currently placing a loved one in a nursing home. With a focus on crisis planning, this book covers more aggressive strategies for long-term care.


Family Limited Partnerships

Gift Trusts for Family Members

Lifetime Family Trusts

Grantor Retained Annuity Trust

Charitable Remainder Trust

Private Foundations

Sale to Grantor Trust

Beneficiary Defective Trust